Once my Series 2 died, I decided to upgrade to the latest Apple Watch Series 7. It has been quite a wild ride trying to get used to the new features, but now that I feel like I have a good handle on things, I wanted to share my best productivity hacks and watch faces that you can also use to improve your Apple Watch setup!

I am constantly trying to figure out what works best for every situation, so this list may change in the future, but if it does I guess that will be a good excuse for another video :)

One of the best parts to having an Apple Watch is the ability to change the watch faces for different use cases. Because of this, I separated my recommendations into three distinct categories:

Formal / Style

This watch face is by far the simplest, I have seen others who like to use the 'Large Numbers' face, so you can go that route if you would like to!

I like the California face, because it does have the sense of formality with the analog-style hands, but it also gives you the option of two additional complications to give a bit more info. I like using Date, and Activity as my two, since those are things I can get at a glance, and common info I would need.

Work / Business

The #1 goal of this watch face is to maximize your ability to focus on what matters, and have easy access to tools that will aid in that effort. I chose the Infographic Modular face, and here are the elements I added:

  1. Top Right: Date and Time. Pretty standard, it's a watch so you need this info
  2. Top Left: Timer. If you want to keep up with the Pomodoro technique, or just need a quick timer for specific working sessions, this can be a game changer to set an alarm with only a tap
  3. Middle: Calendar. I love being able to see my next meeting in a quick glance, as I am working through a time block for something I can ensure I'm not missing what is going on next throughout the day
  4. Bottom Left: Voice Memos. I'm planning to transition to another tool eventually, like Drafts, but for now Voice Memos does the trick! If I am in a flow for a certain task, and something pops into my mind related to something else, it's way easier to make a quick note than it would be to switch contexts.
  5. Bottom Center: Transit. I take the train to work, so in order to minimize the time that I am waiting at the station, this helps me keep track of when to leave the office. Super handy to have.
  6. Bottom Right: Spotify. I am one who likes to listen to music or soundscapes while I am working, it helps me to focus better. With Spotify right there, making changes to my current music / playlist is super easy

Comfort / Play

After work, I don't need to be as hyper-focussed, so I am able to add in more complications that make sense for my day-to-day.

  1. Top Right: Date and Time. Pretty standard, it's a watch so you need this info
  2. Top Left: Weather. I like to see how cold it is going to be when I choose a jacket for the day, or when planning something with friends or family it's nice to know what the weather will be like.
  3. Middle: Activity. I want to make sure I can close my rings, so having this laid out helps. I like this view in particular because I can see the specific stand hours I need to ensure I don't miss one.
  4. Bottom Left: Spotify. Similar to work, it's fun to listen to music!
  5. Bottom Center: Audiobooks. While commuting, meditating, or relaxing in general, I like to listen to Audiobooks. Having access to it on my watch right on the face helps me remember to keep up with my reading goals.
  6. Bottom Right: Workouts. When I'm with family we like to go on walks, so I track all of those less-intense workouts directly in the Workouts app.


In setting up these watch faces and using them for the past while, I've learned some cool tricks to share with all of you!

  1. I recommend using Shortcuts to change your watch face automatically. It only takes a second to change it manually, but I enjoy having the automations to both save time, and let me know when it is time to focus without me having to keep track of which watch face I'm using.
  2. Notifications. I don't love the idea that all the distracting notifications from my phone are now on my wrist, but you can mute notifications as they come in, so each app that bugs you unnecessarily can be told never to do that again ;)
  3. Orientation. I play golf and a few other sports, and when your wrist moves around a lot, you will find that you call Siri way too often if the crown is facing your hand. I turned mine to face my arm and it made all the difference!

Hope this was helpful to you! If you're interested in more, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!